New Agent Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join Expert 1 Realty?  Simply because we are one of the Top California Real Estate Brokers in the Industry! Additionally, so you can keep more of your hard earned commission! You earned it, you deserve it! Expert 1 Realty provides amazingly high commission splits to its agents, we designed our state of the art business model to help agents succeed and make more money.

Are you tired of paying high fees to your current broker? Come to Expert 1 Realty and earn more money on every single deal you do! We feel this is the future of Real Estate and pride ourselves on being pioneers in the Real Estate Industry promoting it. Expert 1 Realty is a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage; with all the tools, training, and support you have at a traditional brick and mortar brokerage, without the high commission splits.

Expert 1 Realty is one of the Fastest Growing California Real Estate Brokerages in the State, and we will be expanding in more states very soon. At Expert 1 Realty, we provide our agents with state of the art technology, high commission splits, 24/7 Broker Support, Leads, Training, Marketing Support, Transaction Coordinators, Agent IDX Website & Email, Affiliation with a Recognized Brand Name Company, Turnkey Marketing Plans, E & O Insurance, and so much more! At Expert 1 Realty we provide everything you need to take your business to the next level! Join Expert 1 Realty Today! 

What is my Commission Split?  You will earn 90% Commission on all Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sales in California. 10% Commission is paid to Expert 1 Realty per closed sales transactions. Lease transactions are paid 75% commission to the agent and 25% of the gross commission earned to Expert 1 Realty for residential leases, commercial leasing is paid on 70/30 split with 70% to the agent and 30% of the gross commission earned to Expert 1 Realty.

Are there Desk Fees, Monthly Meetings, Quotas, or Franchise Fees?  NO-Never! You never have to pay for desk fees, attend monthly meetings, obtain any minimum quotas, or pay any franchise fees.

Is there an E&O “Errors & Omissions” Fee?  Yes, Expert 1 Realty provides outstanding E & O Coverage to all of its agents. The Errors and Omission “E & O” Fee is $150 per closed transaction. No upfront, monthly, quarterly, or annual payments required; you only pay for Errors & Omissions Fee when you close transactions.

Where is Expert 1 Realty Located?  Our Corporate Office is located in Southern California, Expert 1 Realty 401 Wilshire Blvd. 12th Floor Penthouse Santa Monica, CA 90401.  More satellite offices are coming soon.  Broker of Record is Heather Paul, CEO & Broker/Owner.

Are you a Full Service Real Estate Company?  Yes, Expert 1 Realty is a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage. Run your real estate business as a professional. Take full service listings or reduced commissions! You have the freedom to develop your real estate business plan to create and implement your own niche marketing campaign. After all, it’s your business.

Can I Negotiate My Commission with my Client?  Yes, you can negotiate your commission on all transactions. It is your business and we want you to set your own fees. We are a Full Service Brokerage though, but you are free to charge what you want. We do require if you accept reduced commission transactions, Expert 1 Realty is due 10% of the gross commission earned or $595, whichever is greater

Do you Provide Leads?  YES! WE HAVE LEADS! We generate company leads through our many consumer websites and IDX search portals. We also coach our real estate agents on how to generate their own leads through internet marketing and social networking. Not only do we teach you how to obtain leads, but more importantly, how to incubate and stay in front of them for future business. Company leads are paid on a 70/30 commission split with 70% commission paid to the agent and 30% gross commission earned paid to Expert 1 Realty.

Do you provide Broker Support?  YES! Our belief is that for a real estate agent to be the best, they must have the best support available and this is why we offer world class support.  We provide access to broker and real estate marketing support 7 days per week via phone or email.

Do you provide Transaction Coordinators?  YES! All of our agents must use our Transaction Coordinator services when closing their files. The transaction coordinator fees are $400 per closed transaction. We feel this is essential to all of our success and it frees up the agent to be able to go out and do more of what you are great at—Sell Real Estate! The transaction coordinator provides great service for one small fee paid at the close of escrow. If a transaction falls out of escrow, there is no transaction coordinator fee due.

Where are all the Transaction Files Stored?  We use our State of the Art Online File Management System. Being an eco-friendly real estate brokerage, Expert 1 Realty has evolved into utilizing online document storage and highly promotes paperless transactions. We offer Online Transaction Management for all transactions. We pride ourselves on being conscientious of utilizing a paperless working environment, handling all of our transactions in a green, eco-friendly system for our real estate agents to use. Are you not used to operating a completely paperless transaction?  Do not worry; our broker, transaction coordinators, and support staff are available to assist you with any and all your questions and to help you transition operating your business into a paperless environment.

Do you have an In-house Escrow?  No, you are free to use any escrow company that you would like to use.

Do you have a Preferred Title Company?  No, you are free to use any Title Company that you would like to use.

Why are your Agent Fees so Low?  We feel this is the future of Real Estate. Real Estate Agents work very hard and desire to be rewarded for their hard work! Most Traditional Real Estate Brokerages take such a large share of the agent’s commission through large broker splits, we feel this must change. We want agents to be rewarded for their hard work and earn most of the commission.  We are also a Virtual Real Estate Company and do not offer an office to work in, this allow us to offer our agents much higher commission splits.

Do I have to Attend Office Meetings?  No, never! Most agents do not enjoy attending weekly or bi-weekly office meetings and we feel there is better ways to use your time getting more deals. We do email to all agents our weekly updates and technology tips. Many times this includes a video to watch on your own schedule and time.

Do you Provide an Office to Work In?   No, you are free to work from home, your own office, coffee shop, or anywhere you would like to work from. We are a Virtual Real Estate Company and do not provide an office location to agents. This is one of the ways we are able to provide higher commissions to our agents. We feel the Real Estate Industry is changing and agents are always on the go; this allows our agents to be Uber Style Real Estate Agents so you can set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you like. If you would like to have your own office, we work with Premier Business Centers, they have locations all across California and the US.

Do I have to Work Full-Time?  No, you can work full-time or part-time. You set your own schedule of how much you would like to work.

Do you Provide Training?   Yes, REAL TIME via Video feed Broker Training from time to time.  And we also recommend good online sources for webinars, we highly recommend visiting the education calendars monthly for NAR, CAR, and BHGLAAR to see what upcoming classes they have to offer too.

Do you provide Signs and Business Cards?  We have Company signs available for your use and can be rented, we do highly recommend all agents to get signs with their name on them & photo to increase your brand, but you can use our standard company signs which are available for free for all listings and put your own sign rider on the listings. Sign post installation and business cards are a cost the agent pays, but we have negotiated great discounts for our agents. We have vendors that can assist you with having your own signs made and business cards ordered.

Do you allow Commercial Real Estate Sales?  Yes! We do allow our agents to perform Commercial Real Estate Sales; we do require the agent to have previous experience handling Commercial Transactions or to have obtained prior Commercial Real Estate Training in order to handle Commercial Real Estate transactions. We handle both Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions.

Do I have access to Transaction Forms?   As an Expert 1 Realty agent, you will have access to our document and form library once you join. We utilize CAR “California Association of Realtors” contract forms and disclosures. You will need to be a member of CAR “California Association of Realtors to access the CAR contracts.

Do I need to Join an Association of Realtors?  Expert 1 Realty is a member of many local Associations of Realtors® and MLS systems. Please enquire which Association you need. You are required to be a member of your local Realtor association to do business as a real estate agent with Expert 1 Realty.  All Expert 1 Realty agents are considered Realtors and must join their local Realtor Association, CAR California Association of Realtors, and NAR National Association of Realtors.

When you join your local Association of Realtors, you will be required to become a member of NAR (National Association of Realtors) and CAR (California Association of Realtors). You will need to ask your local association about NAR and CAR membership fees. NAR Rules are that associates need to join BOTH Association of Realtor and MLS.  They cannot just join MLS only memberships.

Agents with a salesperson license may join an association only if Expert 1 Realty is a member of that association. If there is a particular MLS that you wish to join and we are not a member of, just enquire and we will sign up to get you on board.  Your satisfaction as a Realtor agent is very important to us.

We are currently a Member of the following Associations and MLS Boards:


Do I need to Join the MLS? Yes, as an agent of Expert 1 Realty you will need to join your local MLS provider. This allows you to search properties in the ‘MLS’ Multiple Listing Service, list properties for sale, obtain lock box codes, obtain showing instructions, and see agent details on the MLS.

What is the Referral Split? All broker provided leads to agents are 70-30 splits, 70% to the agent and 30% of the gross referral fee earned paid to Expert 1 Realty.   Any commission received or earned from other brokers for referrals, you can negotiate the referral split between you and the other broker (Expert 1 Realty is paid 10% of your gross commission due, you receive 90% commission on the referrals you earn). We require all referrals to have a valid referral agreement on file with the broker signature.

What if I Refer a Friend to Join Expert 1 Realty-Do you have any Recruiting Bonuses? YES! We would love to have your friend or friends to join Expert 1 Realty as well and we will pay a referral flat fee to you for EVERY transaction that your friend closes FOREVER.

Can I be a Branch Manager or Operate with my Own Team or Office? Of course!!!  We are looking to expand throughout California and are particularly interested in Virtual Brokers with Association memberships or a physical small office.  We can work out an agreement, please contact us today and let’s talk more about your plans. If you are a Broker in another State and would like to have an Expert 1 Realty location in your State, Contact us as we will be expanding throughout the US very quickly.

Do you Handle Property Management or Mortgage Loans? No, we do not handle any property management or processing mortgage loans.  We recommend our agents to refer their clients to property management firms or to mortgage brokers as we do not allow these types of transactions.  Many property management firms will also pay you a referral fee for receiving the referral. On any referrals you receive, Expert 1 Realty receives 10% of the gross referral fee earned and you keep 90% of the gross referral fee earned. We do recommend connecting with a mortgage loan officer or mortgage broker to help provide your clients with a resource to assist them in getting pre-qualified for a mortgage. Referral fees are not allowed from mortgage brokers or any mortgage lenders.

Can I Design my Own Marketing Materials and Business Cards? Yes, you are free to design business cards, postcards, or any marketing materials as long as they contain Expert 1 Realty’s Company Name, Company logo, and your CalBRE license number, this is required on all marketing pieces and ads you may create. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we want to help you in anyway we! We use Deesigns to handle designing and printing our signs. They can assist you with any sign orders you need. You can work with any vendor you wish, if you need detailed specifications for signs we can also provide them to you.

When Do I Get Paid When I Close a Deal/Transaction? Expert 1 Realty agents can be paid at the close of escrow directly from escrow for all sales transactions. When an agent closes an escrow, the agent can be paid directly from escrow as long as their file is complete and all documents in the transaction are received by the transaction coordinator for the broker to sign off on the file. Many escrows do charge a wire fee to receive your commission direct deposited into your account and that would be deducted from your commission, the normal fee escrows charge is up to $30 to wire funds, each escrow company is different on their fee pricing. On leasing transactions, you get paid at the time the lease is completed; all lease transactions must include 2 payments: 1 to the seller/owner, 1 to Expert 1 Realty, we must receive a copy of all 2 cashiers checks for our files including lease/sales form and the Broker must approve the lease agreement prior to completion. Once the lease is complete and Expert 1 Realty has received the commission checks, we will issue your commission right away. For all lease transactions, contact the broker and we can provide more details for you to write into the lease agreement.

I currently have Listings and I would like to Transfer them to Expert 1 Realty. How do I Transfer my Listings? Great, Congratulations on your listings! Great Work! 

There are two ways to do this:

1) Cancel your current listings, move to the new office and open the listings again under Expert 1 Realty.

2) The present broker may release your listings and allow you to transfer the listings to the new office. You need to ask the broker’s permission for this option. The transfer form is available on our website or you can email us and we can send you a transfer form.

For either option, you have to disclose the fact that you are changing offices to the client.

Is There Legal Consultation?  Expert 1 Realty provides support and consultation to our agents.

You may write your questions to and we will answer them within 24 hours, but if you have any urgent matters, the broker’s support is available at 1-310-923-2334.

Also, the C.A.R. Member Legal Hotline 213-739-8282 is a free service to all our salespersons. It gives agents the opportunity to briefly talk to a C.A.R. attorney in a confidential telephone conversation about legal issues that they face in their practice. You may find more information at

You can also download the CAR Member Legal Hotline App and talk with a CAR Attorney very quickly.

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